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Resilience is a supernatural ability of the Kindred. One of the three common ‘physical’ disciplines, Resilience enhances Stamina like Vigor increases strength.

By using some of her blood the vampire extends her damage limit to supernatural limitations, allowing her to survive wounds that would cripple other vampires or force them into Torpor . Not only does the discipline make the vampire able to take more damage, it can downgrade aggravated damage, saving the user from wounds that would have long term effects and possibly saving them a great amount of time and Vitae. This downgrade may not sound like much but at higher levels when multiple aggravated wounds can be avoided the discipline is worth its weight in gold for a front line fighter or any Kindred looking to avoid being destroyed by fire.

Example: Garret McLean, the Seneschall of Chicago, has tracked a dangerous vampire hunter to the man’s base of operations. Preparing for what might be a dangerous fight, Garret uses two Vitae: one to activate his Vigor 3 and increase his strength, the other to activate his Resilience 5 and increase his stamina (and therefore Health). A few moments later, during the fight, the vampire hunter throws burning gasoline on Garret. This would normally deal 4 aggravated damage (2 for ‘large fire’ and 2 for the hot burning effects of the gasoline) but Garret’s Resilience converts the aggravated damage to lethal and he is left relatively uneffected (the damage is enough to make a dent in his fifteen health but not to inflict any wound penalties). With his high Blood Potency, Garret will be able to heal the wounds in only two turns by expending four vitae, blood easily made up from the soon to be corpse of the vampire slayer. Had Garret not had Resilience, he could have had to take eight days and twenty vitae to heal the four aggravated wounds.

The enhancement is purely temporary and when the effects fade, existing wounds are “forced over” to stack with each other, possibly creating worse wounds than initially suffered as the vampire’s undead body returns to its normal limitations.

Resilience is also used in a less mechanical sense during game play because its story effect is to toughen the vampire’s body. For example, forces that might normally crush, tear, or otherwise destroy that vampire’s body can be resisted while resilience is activated. The vampire still takes damage, but their body remains whole. The example given in the manual is one of extreme pressure (a deep sea trench) where resilience can be used to prevent the vampire’s body from being crushed. Another example could be a “normal” vampire who is hit by a train might literally splatter or break from the sheer force of the impact. However, a vampire with resilience would suffer wounds but remain whole.

Resilience is a clan favored discipline for the Gangrel and the Ventrue.

More on Resilience

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